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Donate now to protect your Freedoms & Rights.

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Since our inception in 1999, our dream has been to bring awareness of unfair laws, loss of Freedoms and to stand up where the rights of the individual are denied. Our goal is limited government and involvement in community development.


We are Investigative Journalist & Political Scientist reporting on Violations of Human Rights by socialist countries.

We report through blogs, newspaper articles, books, also our affiliate YouTube Channel, many speaking engagements and soon to come podcasts.

The Story of How We Began

Nearly twenty-five years ago, a group of investigative reporters and political scientists experienced the loss of both their homeland and violations of human rights caused by Venezuelan socialism. Since that time, they have been working together and individually to be a voice against authoritarian regimes and Socialism. Their goals were to defend the rights of individual here in their new home, the USA, as well as in the rest of the world.

Freedom has no guarantee - We have to fight for it

Our award winning investigative reporting staff together with political scientist among other academics bring you the facts to bring about awareness with analysis, while working within the communities.

Your donations help us continue our important work.